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Microblading After Care


Please follow the instructions indicated below for you by your technician during your entire healing process to achieve optimal results and to minimize any risk of infection.

Day 1:

☐  Nothing

☐ Wipe brows gently in direction of your hair growth with dry pad.  Followed by gently blotting with saline pad.  Let air-dry.  Do this 2x during the day & once before bed.


Day 2:

☐ Wipe brows gently in direction of your hair growth with dry pad.  Followed by gently blotting with saline pad.  Let air-dry.  Do this first thing in the morning, 3x during the day & once before bed (5x a day)


Days 3, 4, 5 & 6:

☐  If your eyebrows are itchy you may apply a small amount of Bacitracin to them.


Days 3 through 10:

☐  For days 3 through 10 continue to clean brows twice a day (once in the morning & once in the evening) with a dry pad & then a saline pad.  Gently wipe brows with dry pad in the direction of your hair growth so ointment is cleaned out of your hair & off of your skin.  Your skin may still look slightly shiny, that is ok.  Follow by blotting with a saline pad.  Let air-dry.

☐  After skin is clean & dry, reapply tattoo salve (yellowish/green ointment) with a CLEAN finger or a lint free swab.  Make sure to get the ointment onto the skin beneath your brow hair in even the densest parts of your brow.  Be sure to carry your tattoo salve with you to reapply throughout the day.  Your brows need to stay moist to prevent heavy scabbing.


Important Information:

1.       Brows must not come in contact with water for the 10 days following your session.  When showering, apply A&D ointment (clear ointment) to brows to create a barrier from the water.  You can hold a hand towel over your eyebrows to ensure they remain dry or cut a hole in a shower cap to create a shield for your brows.  BE CAREFUL WASHING YOUR HAIR. (You could get your hair washed at a local beauty school for a few dollars or go to a salon.)

2.      Keep eyebrow area free from dust, debris, makeup & sweat for the entire 10 days.

3.      Your brows will darken by up to 50% until the scabbing dissipates around day 7 or 8.  Don’t be alarmed, this is normal.  The color may also lighten by day 10.  This is all part of the healing process.  Your new skin will prevent the strokes from being visible until around week 4.

4.       Avoid picking at the scabs or touching your brows.  The pigment will lift out of the brows and leave empty spaces if you pick at your brows.

5.       Avoid sleeping on your side if possible.  Your pillow may rub the tail of your brow & slough the scabs off which will result in loss of deposited pigment.  If you cannot avoid this please apply a Band-Aid to the tails of your brows or press n’ seal across your entire brow & wear an eye mask to hold it in place.

6.       Avoid water, tanning beds, Botox, brow tints, chemical peels, swimming, oral antibiotics, strong acne medication or wrinkle creams on your forehead for at least 2 weeks.

7.       Please call with any concerns or questions you may have.  We are always available to help, no matter what your concerns may be.


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